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My names Rhiannon, I'm from London, England but currently live in Cheshire, England. I can be very bitchy, but I also can be very kind. I try to keep an interest in other people.

I love photography (click on my website to go to my deviantart) and did a 2 year course in it, I was going to go to uni to further study it, but decided although I'd love a career in it it was far to unrealiable, so I'm now going to do Ict which I know I'm good at, so hopefully I'll have a nice job with a decent pay packet.
I also love drawing, bar the art I did in high school, which the teachers and facilities were never good for, I haven't been teached in art, most of what I know is self taught. I particually like drawing Figures in a comic like fashion, it's just what I like. Eventually I'll put a deviant art up of it.

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